Let love and light flow through you and open up to the possibility of self-healing. Your body is your temple...

What is Spiritual Healing?


Spiritual healing is a spiritual process in which the unbalanced body, mind and soul are intuitively restored. It can (but does not have to) be done by laying on of hands; distance healing is also possible. The healing rays of energy from the cosmos are often passed on through the hands of the healer. The healer can also access additional help through mediality. Research in quantum physics confirms that the human body consists mainly of energy. This energy has a regulating effect on the organism and can resolve problems.

Physical pain, suffering and illnesses are the last level in which our soul and emotional afflictions are being manifested. These afflictions could either have been caused in this life or be karmic - often a lesson or assignment that the person must accept and overcome. The healer can help resolve blockages, fears and negative thoughts. Energetic and spiritual treatments kann be applied individually or in addition to current treatments for any illness or disturbances.

Karma, Life Plans and Co-Creation

Every person has a team of spirit guides that accompanies you throughout your life to fulfil your mission. Think of them as you guardian angels, if you will (angels, can be your guide...are of a while other hierarchy though). Before you incarnated, you made a deal with your spirit team about signs and signals they can give you to help or warn you in your life. These memories, however, are lost once you are born in the physical body and you must find your way again.  Menschen begleitet ein Geistiges Team und ein Geistführer. Your wishes and desires form your life plan.

With every reincarnation though, we carry in our aura the burdens of previous bodies our soul inhabited. In other words, when we are reborn we carry with us violations we endured in our previous lives. We carry these burdens with us through all reincarnations until we manage to resolve them into light and love. Forgiveness (forgiving oneself, forgiving others and being forgiven) plays a central role. We carry these heavy imprints with us, in our etherial bodies, until they are manifested in our physical bodies. Many of these problems are often passed on through generations. 

So, we carry an ideal life plan with responsibilities to resolve karmic weights, but are flexible and have the freedom to make our choices. That means, our thoughts manifest our reality with primal material. We design our reality. And in this, our heart is our most important resource to feel our way. Sadly, it is often underrated and ignored. 

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