Just for today:

Let go of anger

Free yourself from worry

Find gratitude

Earn money honestly

Be friendly to all creatures

- Reiki Principles

Reiki - Universal Energy


Everything is made of energy. Every stone, water, plants, animals, thoughts...yes, even we humans are made up of pure energy. Many cultures and religions recognize this: everything alive owns a vital life force. Mikao Usui named this energy "Reiki" as he taught and spread this form of healing in the beginning of the 1900's. "Rei" meaning "divine" and "Ki" meaning "life energy". 

During Reiki, the practitioner acts as a "Reiki channel", concentrates the neutral universal life energy and lets it flow through his/her hands. The main difference to "spiritual healing" is that the energy is not actively influenced by either intentions or e.g. colors. Energy flows to where it is needed and the receiver only accepts that which he/she wants and needs. Merely symbols are used to support the energy flow (for example to strengthen the flow to better dissolve blockages). Reiki can never harm. And like spiritual healing, the energy originates from the universe and from God (not from the healer's body - important!). The beauty about Reiki is, that the body is always seen as a whole and the goal is to bring balance throughout the whole being. Reiki is based on the power of love, the most beautiful and strongest force there is. Often it is also felt. 

Reiki can:

  • support natural self-healing

  • revitalize body, spirit and soul

  • restore harmony and well-being

  • promote positive creeds

  • treat blockages

  • relieve pain

  • detoxify


The Story of Sensei Usui

Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered and enlivened the healing art of Reiki in the middle of the 19th century. The defining moment for his path was when a student at his ecclesiastical school in Kyoto (Japan) asked him one day about the healing method Jesus used. He couldn't answer the question and decided to find it. He started studying Religion and traveled to the United States where he absolved his doctorate in Theology. His question remained unanswered, so he traveled to India (he dominated japanese, englisch, chinese and saskrit) and visited several monasteries in Japan in search for the answer.

No monastery was interested in his quest, until one Monk invited him into his monastery. He advised Sensei Usui to climb the holy Kuriyama mountain where he will surely find his answer. And so he mad himself on his way, stayed there for 21 days, fasted and read the Sutras. But nothing happened. On the last day he was struck by a sudden light in the middle of this forehead. As he lay unconscious, he saw colors and also certain Sanskrit letters. When he wok up, he ran quickly down the hill injuring his foot. He put his hand over his bleeding foot instinctively and saw how the bleeding stopped and the pain ceased - his first miracle. 

His life as a healer began. One of his closest colleagues, Dr. Chijiro Hayashi, became his successor and ran the Reiki clinic in Tokyo until about 1940. Hawayo Takata, a US citizen, was very sick and heard an inner voice that told her to go to Japan. She followed the voice, found her way to Hayashis clinic and stayed there until she was completely healed (she was able to skip a very dangerous operation). She became his student and finished as a Reiki-Master in 1938. Back in Hawaii, she trained 22 other Reiki Masters and founded a Reiki Organization in 1980 with the mission to spread the healing art of Reiki.

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