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Love, peace and unity in times of crisis

Learning from the Corona Crisis

These are my thoughts. My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering a loss due to #corona or any other disease, violence, natural disaster,...My heart goes out to everyone who is worried about a loved one whether because they are sick or their existence is threatened. My heart goes out to everyone who is doing their part in this global challenge, whether it is staying at home, keeping your company or city running in creative ways, staying strong for family and friends, lending a helping hand...

If you are sick, I wish you a fast and good recovery! May we come out of this stronger and more united than ever,. May we face other challenges likewise. May we concentrate on gratitude for all we do have, maintain a positive attitude and continue doing all we can to help eachother out.

My love! 🙏💕

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#covid #compassion #mindfulness #crisis

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