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My Monthly Ritual

Working with the cycles of the Moon.

My Ritual

I have done moon rituals alone, with friends and also with family. In small and big circles. And they are all equally powerful. I believe that it really depends on you. How you prefer it. The mood you are in. Important is to understand, that it is about taking time for yourself. Every month. To reflect on what you value, what is important to you and what your wishes are. It is a whole different thing to think about something, than to actually write it down. Writing it makes it somehow so real. So within reach.

I will show you here how I do my moon rituals. Inspired in part by Yasmin Boland from her book Moonology and also by my experiences with other people.

Setting the Mood

Remember, this is time for you. So there is really no rush. Set the mood that helps you connect, to meditate, to center yourself. Set some nice relaxing music, light candles (there is also magic in candles *wink*), smudge your room with sage, palo santo or whichever plant material you prefer. Pick oracle cards if you like, make yourself a warm tea or cocoa, and don't forget to get some nice paper and a pen. It can be any paper really, but I feel the moment gains so much significance if the paper is pretty. Whatever you do, make sure you do this with love to yourself, to the moon, the life. Dress sexy if that makes you feel good. Take a bath before if you want to relax and "wash" the stress away. Set the mood.

New Moon Circles

I have joined several New Moon circles and as part of the Wild Woman Project, now also host them in my studio. There is so much energy when soul sisters and brothers come together and share this moment. There are several ways these can be held, but my favorite was the ecstatic dancing in the end. I can only recommend to join a circle if there is one near you and try it out. I met wonderful people and made very good friends.

New Moon Manifestation

The new moon is perfect for setting the seeds of intention. This is how I do it:

  1. Set the Mood, center yourself & take deep breaths.

  2. Attitude of Gratitude : think of the people and/or situations you are grateful for, write them down and send each of these people and/or situations your love.

  3. Wish List: make a list of your top wishes and for each wish, describe it as if it were already true. You can also draw your vision. Important is to elaborate on how you feel. Example: "I am loving my new appartment!...etc." For each wish also write down at least one way you could help make that wish true.

  4. Dream: Close your eyes and visualize these wishes one by one.

  5. End your meditation by releasing your wishes. Visualize how you hand in your wishes to the Universe. Say goodby to them and trust that God will handle it for your best.

  6. Thank the Universe, the Moon and yourself for this sacred space.

One tip I must give you however, is to be careful what you wish for. Don't just wish for money. Make sure you specify where this money could come from. I heard of a case of a woman who wished for money and shortly after she found out her mother was getting sicker and sicker, a large endowment waiting for her daughter. Of course, this is probably not the best way you want your wish to manifest. Also, you cannot wish anything against another person's will or wish for them to change if they are not willing to. That's, in my opinion, more like black magic. And you don't want that on your conscious. So here is what to wish for:

  • Wild wishing is good, baby steps are better

  • Wishing for material things is good, wishing for the feeling is better

  • Trust that you are worthy of your wishes

Full Moon Forgiveness

The full moon marks the end of a lunar cycle and is the perfect time to let go and start on a clean slate. She reminds us to be mindful of our actions and invites us to be grateful for that which we have and to forgive and let go of that which weighs us down. Forgiving and letting go is an important step to make space for the new. Not forgiving builds resentment and this is toxic over a long period of time. I almost always end up crying during the full moon ritual. My emotions are especially powerful then.

This is my full moon ritual:

  1. Set the mood, center yourself and take deep cleansing breaths.

  2. Think and write down situations that have caused you pain. You can also think of habbits and patterns in you that upset you. Express it all.

  3. Now make a list of people that have hurt or wronged you and you haven't forgiven yet.

  4. Close your eyes, imagine these people one by one in a pink bubble, say "I forgive you", send them your love and watch them float away in their bubble.

  5. Recite your forgiveness mantra.

  6. Take that list to a safe place, and burn it. Watch the smoke lift into the night sky, releasing all the heavy energies and imagine them transforming into love.

I use the one from the book Monology

Under the glorious Full Moon, I forgive everything, everyone, every experience, every memory of the past or present that needs forgiveness. I forgive positively everyone. I also forgive myself of past mistakes. The Universe is love, and I am forgiven and governed by love alone. Love is now adjusting my life. Realizing this, I abide in peace.

If you want, add:

I bring love and healing to all my thoughts, beliefs and relationships. I learn my lessons and move on. I call on my soul fragments to be cleansed by the Full Moon and I call on them to rejoin me. I send lov eto myself and everyone I know, and everyone who knows me, in all directions of time. Under this gloriuos Full Moon, I am healed. My life is healed And so it is. So be it.

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