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Compassion in times of crisis

A chance for lessons learned

My thoughts:

A follow-up video on my last one inspired by #covid. Spreading the love and the main message is to remain aware and mindful of everything you hear, read, think and say. Especially in times of crisis, whether our basic survival needs or our human rights (maslow) are at stake, opinions divide, differences are highlighted. It's very normal and perfectly human.

Where would we be if in history we all agreed to everything our leaders said?

Now, many different voices are being heard regarding "conspiracies, vaccinations and health certificates. Through all this, let's abstain from judgement, let's remember that we are in this together and let's remain open and mindful of what is happening to each other.

Be kind, speak up for what you believe in, engage in healthy discussion. We are a human race and as such at our core, interested in our well being.

Peace and love! ❤✌

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#corona #peace #love #crisis #mindfulness

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