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Heal Earth with Agnihotra

The fire ritual with the potential to heal us all

Agnihotra is a healing (hotra) fire (agni) ritual that dates back all the way to the Vedic period (aka Bronze Age India). The "modern" Agnihotra technique has been resurrected by Shree Gajanan Maharaj of Shivpuri in the 1940's, who had a vision of the Lord Parshuram (the sixth avatar of Vishnu in Hinduism) who commanded him to spread it around the world. In 1969 Shree Gajanan Maharaj, initiated Shree Vasant Rao Paranjpe, who spread this wisdom to the West.

Agnihotra is performed at a very specific time, to the second, of sunrise and sunset of your location. Cow manure (of happy cows!), ghee (also of happy cows!) and brown organic rice are burnt in a copper pyramid while a mantra is sung in Sanskrit.

When performed right, an incredible amount of energy (12 km up and 1.5 km around) is released into the atmosphere creating a sort of magnetic-type field that neutralizes pollutants and harmful radiation, revitalizes and nourishes the environment and restores peace and balance as well as sends vibrations of love. The healing effects of Agnihotra are then locked in the resultant ash. Thousands of people in different parts of the world have experienced wonderful healings of all types of ailments by performing Agnihotra and using Agnihotra ash (pure or mixing it for example with water or creating ointments).

The beauty of Agnihotra is, that it is so simple that it can be performed by anyone all over the world. And thousands all over the world have already experienced its purifying and healing effects. Including me.

When I perform the Agnihotra, I open myself up to Mother Earth and fill my body with love. I feel a wonderful tingling sensation around my entire body and feel absolute peace. It has helped me through very hard times (for example my mother's death and a break-up with my soulmate in the same year) and though I haven't used the tools yet to measure the effects on my aura or surrounding plants, I know something is happening. And it's beautiful. I regularly invite family, friends and clients to join me and have heard wonderful stories of how it helped them.

A Homa Therapy

Agnihotra is a principle fire ceremony of the Homas. Homa (aka Yajna) is a Sanskrit Term that describes the use of fire to detoxify the atmosphere and replenish nutrients in the environment. There are also other simple yajnyas, such as the OM Tryambakam Homa, which strengthens the effects of Agnihotra.

Agnihotra restores the mental, emotional and physical health. On a physical level, brain cells are renewed, blood purified, skin revitalized. It has shown to help with respiratory illnesses such as asthma and also heal allergies. Mentally and emotionally, stress is reduced, energy increased and, quite simply put, love spread all around. It has shown also to be very helpful in reducing addictions. On the spiritual level, the Aura is cleansed and our vibrational level gradually increased to help us on our spiritual journey.

Agnihotra has been a great help in Agriculture too. Many people have found also that the size, taste, texture and yield of fruits and vegetables grown in Agnihotra atmosphere are superior (even superior to biodynamic farming). When you cut a carrot, for example, you will see that the starshaped structure is much more symmetrical and refined. Agnihotra is also known to reduce garden pest problems and help plants withstand more drought by allowing them to lock in more moisture.

Here some useful links:

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It is truly a gift to humanity with the potential to reset and balance the energy cycles of Earth, and fills the atmosphere with vibrations of Love...which we all agree, the world needs more of. So, what are you waiting for? Try it!

Spread the Love <3

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