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A forgiving meditation

Forgiving is an important step to make space for the good stuff. It is important to empty the cup to fill it again.

Like needing to exhale, to make space for new, fresh, life-giving air...

Like needing to empty the cup, to make space for fresh, hot, delicious tea...

Like needing to digest and expell from our bodies, to make space for more nutritious food...

we need to let go of all the "heavy" things that drag us down and hinder us from living our high purpose. Though it is necessary to embrace and live through our emotions, it is unnecessary to wallow in them. Everything, the "good" and the "bad", has a purpose. There is beauty in every storm. And there is a stain in every white pearl. Polarities are part of our world and without one or the other, harmony would not exist.

"There is a stain in every pearl and beauty in every stain"

Sometimes things happen to us, or we do things, that cause an impression. That hurt us or hurt others. Things that are still there in our conscious or subconscious, influencing us in ways we may not be influences. Perhaps robbing energy in thoughts and emotions we could do better without.

Behind every emotion, there often lies another emotion. Often behind these deeper emotions, resides a specific memory...the core of that emotion. I offer you a simple yet powerful meditation that will help you free yourself from those things. This meditation will help you find the core of it all. Feel free to take as long and to dig as deep as you want. I do recommend to do this with help (a friend or a professional therapist) if there are things that may have resulted from very heavy traumas. There is no need to go through it alone.


1. Centering

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position and just breathe. Let the natural rhythm of your body lead the way. Concentrate on your breath, the coolness of the air when you inhale and the warmth when you exhale. On the natural rhythm and sound of your breath. While you are breathing you will notice clouds of thoughts floating by. Some clouds are thicker than others. Some fluffy and fat, others thin and fading. Just let your imagination run its course and sort your thoughts into these clouds.

2. Observe clouds of memories

Once you got the hang of it, try to look at the clouds with memories of situations that were not very pleasant. Maybe something happened to you recently that caused you distress. A fight, an argument... Perhaps there are things you did or said that you feel bad about? Just let these clouds float by and perhaps one of the clouds catches most of your attention.

3. Find core emotion

Take this cloud with its memory and zoom in. Let the situation play again and observe yourself. Feel into your emotion of that very moment. Let this emotion wash over you. If you can't figure it out yet, that's okay. Know you can repeat this meditation any time. After submerging into the emotion, it is time to go to it's core. Try to find the emotion hidden inside the first one. Go beyond the sadness or anger. What is the core emotion? Is it guilt, fear, helplessness, shame, frustration...?

4. Time travel to first cloud

Now take this emotion and let's time travel. You can choose to hop from one cloud of memory to the next. Or fly through the clouds. Or simply watch them float by. Whatever works for you. So go back in time through the clouds of memories where you felt the exact same way until you have arrived to the very first cloud. Accept whatever cloud you arrive to. Trust that it has appeared for a reason. And if you can't travel back, then that is okay too. Stay with that first cloud.

5. Meet younger-self

Zoom into the (new) cloud and let the scene play. Observe your younger-self until she/he notices you and hen go up to her/him. Take her/his hand and observe the situation together. Obviously, she/he is not feeling too well. Feeling that core emotion. Perhaps there is another emotion that you uncover underneath that. Take her/his hand and tell her/him, it's okay. Say how happy you are your younger-self is on this earth and how grateful you are they are like they are. Taking your younger-self by the hand, hop back through the clouds to the first one. Let the clouds of all the memories that may be related to this one, including the last one line up in front of you and see the people involved in these memories.

6. Forgive and be forgiven

Look at these people in their faces, each and every one of them and smile at them. When you are ready, still holding your younger-selfs' hand. Together tell them, that you forgive them and are ready to forgive yourself. "I am sorry I used you for my story. I am sorry I abused you for my pain". When you are ready, hug them and let them climb back into their respective clouds. Watch the clouds float up into the night sky, forming into sparkling stardust the higher they go. Soon to become part of the night sky, full of twinkling stars there to guide your way.

7. You are complete

Turn back to your younger-self and hug. As you are hugging, sense that you are merging into one. You are complete.

8. Back to breathing

Slowly return to your body. Go back to your breathing, your inhales and exhales. As you inhale say to yourself "I am love". As you exhale say "I am complete". On the third exhale, open your eyes.

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