Great journeys begin with small steps

Let me help you heal, let go and start again

Reiki Treatment


dissolve blockages and let energy flow freely

Energy Healing

healing on the spiritual and energetic dimension

Nest Detox

make home safe again




ecologic balance

Cheerful Seniors

Reiki for Seniors

take the edge off aging

(also in cooperation with nursing homes)

Spine Alignment

re-align the backbone

of your life 

Oath Resolution

release karmic bonds

of past lives

Image by Kira auf der Heide

Safe Space

talk to me, I'll listen

Image by Nick Fewings

Reiki for All

helping hands for the underpriviledged

(also in cooperation with NGO's)

Chakra Balance

balance for your

mind, body and soul


finding peace in mind

Reiki for Dogs

healing for our furry friends 

(also in cooperation with animal shelters)

Notice for energetic & spiritual treatments

For legal reasons, I expressly point out that my consultations are not medical treatments or therapies. They are also not therapies and treatments according to the alternative practitioner law.

The offered counseling methods cannot replace medical treatment with diagnostics or therapy from a doctor, psychiatrist, psychotherapist or alternative practitioner. I neither make diagnoses nor treat physical or psychological complaints and illnesses. My work is not healing, but health and relaxation-promoting. My intention is to give inspiration and help for self-help and to make people aware of the laws of life and the context. The success of the measures cannot be guaranteed because it depends on a large number of individual factors.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that my treatments are not scientifically and / or conventional medical measures, the effectiveness of which has been scientifically and / or traditionally proven.

Therefore, you should not refrain from or interrupt a medically required examination or treatment by Diagnosticar or therapy from a doctor, nor should you take the prescribed medication yourself without consulting the doctor in charge. I do not accept any liability for such behavior, since it is the client's own responsibility.

The Small is Beautiful Project

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Impressum & Datenschutz

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