Helga's Eden

Nature. Community. Healing.

Homegrown good food for everyone.




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"Helga's Eden" provides a place for spiritual, mental and physical peace and a showcase of efficient and natural space use for the world. A place to find medicinal herbs and nutritious healthy food.


I work together with with the local community and provide education on nature, health and self-awareness as well as workshops for sustainable eco-friendly and locally sourced housing and gardening methods. With these tools and knowledge-transfer, I hope to empower everyone to prosper, engage in local cooperations and help make the world a better place. The world has never been more connected, yet people are lonlieer than ever. Through these deep cooperations with one another we hope to strengthen the bonds within the community and so strenghten the community itself.

As a certified energy healer and Reiki Master, I also offers spiritual healing at locations around the province with the aim of bringing authentic and genuine healing experiences and resources to the people. Her aim is to create a community of healers and energy workers who assist each other regularly while also doing good works for others and so preserving the spiritual culture of humanity.

Our Farm

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"Everywhere people ask: 'What can I actually do?' The answer is as simple as it is disconcerting: we can, each of us, work to put our own inner house in order. The guidance we need fo rthis work cannot be found in science or technology, the value of which utterly depends on the ends they serve; but it can still be found in the traditional wisdom of mankind." - E.F. Schumacher


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Estrella Piechulek

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Environmental Engineer and Change Agent.

The Small is Beautiful Project

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