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Reiki is an art that everyone can learn and whose energy is available to everyone. Learn how to use it!

For many people, Reiki is also an important part of spiritual development and self-discovery.


My Reiki courses are held in very small groups with a maximum of 2 people or 1 family. Children pay half the price.


Here you learn Reiki hand positions and practice the energy transfer by laying on gently. There are also four initiation rituals that help open your healing channels so that the universal life energy can be better absorbed and passed on.


No prerequisites are required for this course.


Price: 220 EUR

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In the second degree, you learn the three main symbols and how they can be used to increase energy transfer. You will also learn to perform distance healing and also the possibility to positively influence the mental level (e.g. by combining Reiki and positive beliefs). You will receive another initiation and the Reiki energy.


Successful completion of the 1st degree is a prerequisite for this course. This should have been at least 1 month ago.


Price: 220 EUR

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In this course you will learn the fourth symbol, the master symbol, which you consciously connect with the universal energy. The Meisterweg is an individual path that only you can take. The focus here is on introspection. If you get involved, you will recognize your path and your calling. The course also includes focused meditation.


Successful completion of the 1st and 2nd degree is a prerequisite for this course. These should be at least two months ago.


Price: 220 EUR

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