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We believe in a world where human prosperity and nature preservation go hand in hand and where climate action is a social norm.

Climate Hub Hamburg 


Educate. Engage. Empower. 


In response to the global climate crisis, an international group of Climate Reality Leaders based in the Hanseatic City founded the Climate Hub Hamburg. I co-founded the initiative with a group of people with diverse professional and cultural backgrounds comprising of researchers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, writers and artists. What united us is our concern and passion for tackling climate change. Providing a local context for the global change, we can connect the dots and link this worldwide challenge with local solutions.

Our goal is to raise awareness, empower and engage people into climate action. We believe that informed citizens participating in the public discussions are the key to finding and implementing solutions that can really make a difference.

There are already many inspiring individuals and communities dedicated to raising climate awareness and working on solutions. We provide an overview of what is happening in (and around) Hamburg in order to inspire change and promote action. We want to contribute to the future where urgent climate mitigation and adaptation are implemented and informed citizens pursue harmony with nature at the political level.

I stepped out of CHH in September 2020 due to a conflict of interests with my co-founders and my needed attention in other personal projects. I intend to continue with the goal of discovering smart, holistic and effective solutions that protect our environment, our nature, our society and, of course, the weak and the vulnerable. Especially in the face of the challenges around today's globalized world. I believe in open conversations, science over sensationalism and real results and am looking forward to the next opportunity!

Inside Keyenberg

Hope for our Home


I initiated and lead the first project "Inside Keyenberg" which also gained the attention of one of the biggest German TV broadcasters ZDF as well as Climate Reality of Europe.

By 2018, when we started the project, climate change was already a big topic in the media. However, hardly anything covered how governmental decisions for Germany would affect it, especially concerning coal mining. In fact, while Germany has been taking big steps forward in the generation of renewable energy and away from nuclear power in recent years, the coal industry has kept growing steadily, along with its CO2 emissions and, in addition, continues profiting from subsidies. 

During the Climate Reality Leadership Training in June 2018, we were very moved by Norbert Winzen’s speech. He didn’t represent a bank or an organization or an institute, unlike the other speakers. Instead, he represented perhaps something worth a lot more: his home. He was “just” a simple resident in Keyenberg. He told us his story, how his entire life and livelihood are threatened by the expansion of RWE’s coal mine “Garzweiler”. We learned that tens of thousands of Germans were forced to relocate in the past years, causing social bonds to break irreparably and lives to change, usually for the worse. Especially elders, who spent all their lives in their cherished hometowns, have been suffering from severe psychological stress and died shortly upon hearing the devastating news. Upon searching the web after Norbert’s speech, we didn’t find any media displaying the hardships of the town-citizens living near coal mines. The available documentaries tended to be rather neutral, not very sentimental, and quite long. We really wanted to spread the word about what was happening in Keyenberg, but felt rather hopeless due to the lack of coverage. So we decided to create our own awareness campaign

With these videos, we want to tell the story of the people who live in Keyenberg: a town that is undergoing relocation because of the expansion of the Garzweiler lignite mine. Some people have already left, while many others are still fighting. We want to help them save their home by spreading awareness and compelling people to take action. We want to give hope, engage the audience to act and empower them to act together for our future, focusing on three topics: nature, health and social (in)justice.

The Small is Beautiful Project

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